Proper promotion of your company is the key to success in this day and age. If you want to create promotional clothing, the Gildan brand is a good choice. Wholesale offers a wide range of clothing for both men and women, as well as children. Among them you can find various types of Gildan clothing: t-shirts, sweatshirts and even shorts. All perfectly prepared for personalization with prints.

Gildan – T-shirts and other promotional clothing

If you are interested in promotional clothing for everyday use and sports, Gildan t-shirts can be a good choice. This brand that creates promotional clothing was founded in the 80s in Canada, where it quickly became extremely popular. In its offer, Gildan Poland has classic tourist and sports apparel, as well as a lot of clothes that find everyday use in every company. What is more, you can also find children’s clothing in the assortment.

Gildan clothing is first of all distinguished by excellent quality. Each piece of clothing is created in such a way that it keeps its perfect look for a long time. There is also a wide range of colors in which Gildan clothes are available. The store offers to make professional prints on them, because this is what the products of this company were created for. This is a great investment for those looking for a way to promote and spread the brand image.

Diversity of Gildan’s offer

Thanks to the wide assortment provided by Gildan you can choose clothing tailored to the needs of men, women and children. Sweatshirts are very popular among Gildan products. They are thick and at the same time perfectly protect against the cold. They will be a great choice for employees who spend a lot of time outdoors, as well as for sports groups sponsored by the company. No less popular are Gildan T-shirts, available both as T-shirts and as long-sleeved, sporty and polo shirts. This type of clothing is perfect as a gift for a client or for people staying at the company’s headquarters.

Gildan clothing with prints

One of the attractive options is the possibility of personalization of Gildan clothes. Online you can select specific pieces of clothing along with their quantity and the prints and embellishments to be made. If you don’t know which forms of embellishments would be best for your company and planned activities, just ask the professionals for advice. Gildan t-shirts can be printed with methods such as screen printing, computer embroidery or FLEX/FLOCK. If you choose Gildan clothing, wholesale is a guarantee of the best prices.

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